Getting Started

Welcome to the To-do Bot Documentation!

Now that you have invited the bot to your discord server, you can begin!

To-do Bot comes with a variety of commands that are seperated for both personal use and server wide use (Restricted to Admins & Server Owners). To-do Bot focuses primarily on helping with organisation whether it's related to discord or not.

Bot Features:

  • To-do Bot allows users to add, remove and archive to-do tasks that users can view and manage when they have completed these tasks or no longer need them.

  • The bot hardly goes offline, if it does, it is most likely due to planned maintenance. Join our Support Server to request help.

  • To-do Bot also comes with the ability to set reminders with the choice between days, hours and minutes!

  • If you are a Server Owner or a member with the administrator permission of a server you share with the bot, you have the ability to set assignments to either other staff or members which they can mark as completed when they wish.


To-do Bot is associated with UtiliBots, if you require any support or wish to forward feedback or suggestions then you can do so by visiting the discord server here.